The five officers involved in the CIA monitoring of computers Senate staffers used while probing the intelligence agency’s torture program acted in good faith and committed no wrongdoing. That’s according to a Wednesday report from an “accountability board” in which three of its five members are CIA officials.
The review board concluded there was simply a misunderstanding, that the CIA believed it could search the computers being used by staffers of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence. National security was at stake, too.
“The Board determined that while an informal understanding existed that SSCI work product should be protected, no common understanding existed about the roles and responsibilities in the case of a suspected security incident,” according to its highly redacted report [PDF] released Wednesday. The review said that the CIA’s position was that it had “obligations under the National Security Act” and a legal duty to scour the computers “for the presence of Agency documents to which SSCI staff should not have access.”
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