As House and Senate Republicans try to prevent the Federal Communications Commission from making a big decision on net neutrality, the White House has sent a simple message to Congress: let the FCC do its job.
The FCC is considering whether to reclassify broadband providers as common carriers to be regulated under Title II of the Communications Act in order to enforce net neutrality rules, but Republicans are proposing their own net neutrality plan with legislation that would also bar the FCC from using Title II. President Obama could veto the bill, and a leak to Reuters suggests that he intends to do exactly that.
“In terms of legislation, we don’t believe it’s necessary given that the FCC has the authorities that it needs under Title II,” an unnamed White House official said, according to Reuters. “However, we always remain open to working with anyone who shares the president’s goal of fully preserving a free and open Internet now and into the future.”
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