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Kim Dotcom made his initial play for the Billboard charts in late 2011.
Kim Dotcom has never been shy. And in December 2011, roughly a month before things for Dotcom were set to drastically change, he still oozed with bravado: Dotcom released a song (“The Megaupload Song”) in conjunction with producer Printz Board. It featured a number of major pop stars—including the likes of Kanye West, Jamie Foxx, and Serena Williams—all singing that they “love Megaupload.” If the star power wasn’t enough, Dotcom placed an exclamation point at the end. In the lyrics, he claimed that Megaupload comprised four percent of all Internet traffic. He rapped that the site received 50 million hits daily.
In retrospect, the tune may be more taunt than Top 40. Exactly three years ago, one month following his single, Dotcom was on the tough end of a major raid on his file-sharing empire, Megaupload, and his New Zealand mansion.
Today, however, Dotcom still lives large. He remains free on bail and only has to check in with local police twice per week. In fact, the mogul has been quite active since the raid. He started two companies, released an entire album of music, separated from his wife, and founded a political party for good measure. In short, Dotcom doesn’t appear to be going anywhere soon. What gives?
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