NEW YORK—The Silk Road drug-trafficking trial continues tomorrow, and late today federal prosecutors filed papers (PDF) in federal court seeking to block a line of questioning that defendant Ross Ulbricht’s lawyer began last week.
Ulbricht, who stands accused of running the online drug marketplace known as Silk Road, has admitted he built the website as a “free market experiment.” When his trial opened on Tuesday, however, his lawyer Joshua Dratel said the market was run by unnamed others who “lured him back” and turned Ulbricht into the “ultimate fall guy” by October 2013, when he was arrested.
Later in the week Dratel cross-examined Jared Der-Yeghiayan, a special agent for Homeland Security, inquiring about the man’s earlier suspicions that it was actually Mt. Gox owner and CEO Mark Karpeles who ran the Silk Road. Karpeles, who is involved in a complex bankruptcy following the collapse of the Mt. Gox Bitcoin exchange, has vehemently denied he had anything to do with Silk Road.
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