Ross Ulbricht was back in a Manhattan federal courtroom today facing drug trafficking and money laundering charges for allegedly running the Silk Road online drug marketplace. We’ll have a story on today’s court action posted shortly.
A few hours ago, computer security researcher Nicholas Weaver published some analysis about bitcoins he says came from Ross Ulbricht’s accounts. If the government has done a similar analysis—and there’s no reason to think they couldn’t—it will be one more obstacle for Ulbricht’s defense team.
Last week, the outlines of Ulbricht’s defense became clear. Ulbricht’s lawyer Joshua Dratel admitted that his client founded Silk Road, but said Ulbricht walked away from the site only to be “lured back.” During opening statements, the defense attorney acknowledged that Ulbricht, who had 144,000 bitcoins on his computer seized by the feds, made money from Bitcoin. Dratel said this was, at least in part, from being a successful trader in the digital crypto-currency.
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