Viacom and ESPN must pay $1.4 million to the government as punishment for airing a movie commercial that misused Emergency Alert System (EAS) warning tones.
The commercial for the 2013 film Olympus Has Fallen (see video below) used actual emergency alert tones along with messages such as “This is not a test” and “This is not a drill.” The Federal Communications Commission prohibits transmission of actual or simulated EAS tones except during real emergencies or authorized tests.[youtube]
Olympus Has Fallen, “No Surrender” Trailer.
“The cable networks transmitted EAS warning tones for several days in 2013 to promote the movie ‘Olympus Has Fallen,’ which portrayed a terrorist attack on Washington, DC,” the FCC said today. “Broadcast or transmission of these tones outside an emergency or test violates the FCC’s laws protecting the integrity of the system.”
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