On Tuesday a Washington state man was arrested by federal authorities in Seattle’s Bellevue suburb for allegedly helping to run Silk Road 2.0, the anonymous online marketplace for illicit goods that sprang up after the original Silk Road was seized by federal authorities in 2013.
In a complaint dated January 17, 2015 [PDF], federal authorities said Brian Richard Farrell, 26, admitted to them that he went by “DoctorClu” on Silk Road 2.0, and when he was questioned he told them that he was considered “‘Defcon’s’ right hand man.” Defcon was the interim leader of Silk Road 2.0 (which was seized in November when the feds arrested Blake Benthall, who they alleged to be the person behind the Defcon screen name). (Ars spoke to DoctorClu in an interview in June about the disappearance and return of Silk Road 2.0’s original leader Dread Pirate Roberts 2.)
According to the complaint, when federal agents asked Farrell if he could help them identify other top people who at been involved with Silk Road 2.0, Farrell told them “You’re not going to find much of a bigger fish than me.”
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