Verizon is urging the Federal Communications Commission to reject a call for an investigation into statements it has made on utility rules, net neutrality, and its fiber network.
Verizon was accused of “deceiv[ing] the FCC” by telecom analyst Bruce Kushnick of New Networks Institute and audit director Tom Allibone of telecom customer advocacy group Teletruth. Verizon has used its status as a telephone utility to gain favorable government treatment of its fiber network even while telling the FCC that applying similar rules to Internet service would deter private investment. Kushnick and Allibone called Verizon “the ‘Janus’ of telecom,” referring to a two-faced god of Roman mythology.
Right now, Verizon’s fiber lines carry both heavily regulated telephone service and lightly regulated broadband and TV service, but the FCC could change that by reclassifying broadband as a common carrier service under Title II of the Communications Act. The FCC would use Title II to enforce net neutrality rules while forbearing from stricter regulations that apply to traditional telephone service.
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