Two wireless carriers in Canada have been ordered to stop exempting their mobile TV services from data caps, in a ruling that targets discrimination against competing online video services.
The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) issued the ruling today against wireless carriers Bell Mobility and  Videotron, who each offered mobile TV services and exempted them from data caps. The country’s telecommunications law “prohibits Canadian carriers from conferring an undue disadvantage to others, or an undue preference to itself or others,” the commission said. “Bell Mobility and Videotron have given an undue preference in favour of subscribers of their respective mobile TV services, as well as in favour of their own services, and have subjected consumers of other audiovisual content services, and other services, to a corresponding undue disadvantage.”
The commission directed Bell “to eliminate its unlawful practice with respect to data charges for its mobile TV service” by April 29, 2015. Videotron must confirm by March 31 that it has completed the withdrawal of its TV app from BlackBerry and Android phones, “thereby removing any undue preference for its mobile TV service, and ensure that any new mobile TV service complies with the determinations set out in this decision.”
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