Nintendo’s somewhat indecisive stance on letting streamers and producers use video of its games online seems to be crystallizing with this week’s beta launch of the Nintendo Creators Program. But the program comes with a number of restrictions that limit how video creators can use Nintendo games in their videos and how they can profit from those videos.
YouTube creators who sign up for Nintendo’s Creators Program can easily register individual videos or entire channels that contain content from games made by Nintendo. In exchange, Nintendo will let the video creator keep a portion of the ad revenue generated by the video: 60 percent for individual videos or 70 percent for entire channels. That’s a change from the zero percent of ad revenue many video makers saw from videos that included Nintendo games in the past, though Nintendo does note ominously that “this rate may be changed arbitrarily.”
The revenue sharing only seems to apply to a small portion of Nintendo’s game catalog, however. The Creators Program User Guide notes that only videos including a limited list of “whitelisted” games can be registered for revenue sharing. Program registrants are warned to “be sure [their] videos do not contain copyrighted material from third parties or content from unconfirmed game titles [emphasis added].”
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