Government prosecutors say Ross Ulbricht is the mastermind behind Silk Road, the most successful drug-selling market on the Internet. He’s currently on trial facing federal drug-trafficking charges and could be sent to prison for life, if convicted. During trial yesterday, as an IRS special agent was showing the jury various e-mails of Ulbricht’s, his OkCupid username, ross-0, was shown in court.
On the profile, Ulbricht gives vague answers about his employment, but hardly looks the part of an alleged kingpin. He describes himself as a “scientist turned entrepreneur.” After building “several businesses over the years,” he’s now “an independent investor and plotting my next venture,” he explained. He describes himself as working in technology and doesn’t disclose his income.
The writeup includes plenty of typical dating-profile fare: a photo of him with a dog (“women are helpless against his powers,” reads the caption), a photo of him jumping off a cliff into a body of water, a photo of him in a toga for Halloween. “Doing my best hugh hefner,” he writes in a caption to a photo of himself in a robe and smoking from a pipe. In another photo, from Thailand, he feigns shock posing in front of what he describes as a “shrine of dildos.” Under “first things people notice about me,” he says “many think I look like Robert Pattinson [the lead actor of the Twilight film series] at first.”
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