In a statement on Friday, Marriott International said that it would drop its petition asking the Federal Communications Commission to allow it to block personal hotspots on Marriott premises.

The hotel chain was fined $600,000 by the FCC in October for blocking Wi-Fi signals set up by customers. Marriott paid the fine but remained defiant, saying that it was only trying to secure its own Wi-Fi by blocking unauthorized signals. Customers, however, argued that Marriott was trying to force them into buying the company’s own Wi-Fi products.
Earlier this month, Marriott promised that it would not block the Wi-Fi hotspots of its customers any longer. But it stopped short of saying that it would rescind its notice of proposed rulemaking to the FCC, perhaps hoping that a change of heart from the commission would allow it to take up its old practices again. Instead, the FCC issued a blunt “Enforcement Advisory” telling Marriott that blocking Wi-Fi in hotels is prohibited.
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