AT&T seems resigned to the near-certainty that the Federal Communications Commission will reclassify broadband as a common carrier service in order to enforce net neutrality rules. But it isn’t going to let the decision stand without a legal challenge, and the company is already telling the world what it’s going to argue in court.
“I have no illusions that any of this will change what happens on February 26,” when the FCC is expected to vote, AT&T Federal Regulatory VP Hank Hultquist wrote in a blog post yesterday. “But when the FCC has to defend reclassification before an appellate court, it will have to grapple with these and other arguments. Those who oppose efforts at compromise because they assume Title II rests on bullet proof legal theories are only deceiving themselves.”
Hultquist’s blog post summarized arguments AT&T made in two new filings with the commission. “Given that this decision seems driven by political considerations, I hold out little hope that the FCC will alter its course, but the letters nonetheless try to set out what we see as significant infirmities with reclassification,” Hultquist wrote.
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