NEW YORK—A federal jury saw a final clash between prosecutors and lawyers for Ross Ulbricht on Tuesday as the Silk Road drug-trafficking trial sped to a close.
The case will be with the jury shortly, after a stunningly short defense case. Ulbricht’s lawyers put on three brief character witnesses yesterday. Today, they brought a private investigator who offered just a few minutes of testimony and a former roommate of Ulbricht’s in San Francisco who only knew him for a few months.
Before long, the packed courtroom was hearing closing arguments. Defense lawyer Joshua Dratel suggested again that Ulbricht left the site behind but came back—or at least, the government hadn’t offered proof beyond a reasonable doubt to show otherwise. He made cryptic suggestions that the online personalities they’d seen and the data on his client’s computer might have been created by unknown others. “The Internet is not what it seems,” he said today, repeating his theme about the uncertainty of digital evidence.
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