We all abhor having to remember usernames and passwords for everything we do on the Internet. As a result, federated authentication has become an increasingly used alternative. This is the use of two or more previously vetted, trusted third parties that have already verified the user’s identity; it’s also called multifactor identification. An example of this would be when a user is subscribing to a new service on his/her phone and a screen comes up asking: “Do you want to sign in using your Facebook or Google+ ID?” Ping Identity is one key service providers in this area. New data released Feb. 10 by Gigya, a customer identity management researcher, presents intriguing new metrics on how consumers are using log-in IDs from social networking sites to access password-protected Websites. Social log-ins are becoming increasingly popular and safer, allowing consumers to determine what data is shared with various third-party vendors. In this slide show, using eWEEK reporting and the research from Gigya, we present a snapshot of the state of federated authentication in early 2015.

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