Global law firm Reynolds Porter Chamberlain has selected Intralinks to provide its nearly 700 employees with the tools required for secure enterprise collaboration.
The law firm, which specialises in corporate and insurance legislation, has offices in London, Bristol, Singapore and Hong Kong. Attorneys and other staff are regularly required to handle and share sensitive legal information and must do so without the risk of exposing or losing data. Indeed, the Information Commissioner’s Office recently sent a warning to law firms following a string of data breaches.

Security is therefore of the upmost importance in the legal sector, which was the reason given by law firm Taylor Vinters for rolling out BlackBerry 10 devices to its staff last year.
Reynolds Porter Chamberlain had previously used tools such as email and FTP for information sharing, but the firm realised that if it was to truly keep client data as secure as possible, then it needed a robust enterprise collaboration tool.
“As a law firm focused on sensitive corporate and insurance matters, we needed a collaboration solution that met our security concerns while providing an easy-to-use experience,” explained Julie Berry, director of infrastructure & IT at Reynolds Porter Chamberlain.
The firm examined a number of secure collaboration tools, but came to the conclusion that it was Intralinks VIA that best fulfilled the needs of its staff and clients. The software-as-a-service solution enables employees to securely share files from any location while using any device.
“Intralinks was already well-known and trusted within our client base and offered a greater level of security and control than anyone else,” said Berry.
Richard Anstey, CTO for EMEA at Intralinks welcomed Reynolds Porter Chamberlain as its latest customer.
“Organisations that handle sensitive information often struggle to give their employees the tools they need to collaborate, while retaining control over how that information is shared,” he said.
“Intralinks provides collaboration solutions that offer the rich security, audit, and compliance capabilities, while still enabling productivity. We’re excited that RPC trusts Intralinks with their sensitive information,” Anstey added.
Intralinks collaboration tools are used by a number of organisations where keeping information secure is vital. One of those is the McLaren Formula 1 team, which last year revealed that it uses Intralinks in its efforts to keep information safe from cyber espionage by nation states.

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