One year ago today, Comcast announced it had signed an agreement to buy Time Warner Cable for $45.2 billion, merging the nation’s two largest cable companies. At the time, Comcast said it expected to get all necessary government approvals and close the transaction by the end of 2014.
Six weeks into 2015, the merger is still facing scrutiny, and it isn’t clear whether Comcast, already the biggest home Internet provider in the US, will be allowed to expand its empire. Comcast has suffered a year’s worth of bad publicity as wronged customers aired their many grievances, often with recordings to show how poorly Comcast employees treat subscribers.
“I believe the customer service stories provide the political cover that the higher-up officials at the agencies need to do the right thing,” Senior Staff Attorney John Bergmayer of advocacy group Public Knowledge told Ars. (Public Knowledge has opposed the deal in filings with the FCC.)
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