The developer behind indie title Fortress Fallout says that Bethesda Softworks parent company Zenimax Media has forced him to abandon the trademark for his game after allegations of infringement with the popular Fallout series. As Jordan Maron (aka YouTuber Captain Sparklez) discusses in a recent video, Zenimax asked in a letter that Maron “immediately expressly abandon the application for Fortress Fallout and cease any and all current or proposed use of any mark incorporating the term Fallout.”
Maron says his company, Xreal, has been forced to comply with the request due to a lack of resources. “Our lawyers said that Bethesda is a notoriously litigious company,” Maron says in the video. “Obviously they have lots of money and resources at their disposal which me and my partner don’t really have at the moment. So essentially we are being strong-armed into having to change our name, which is unfortunate because I personally don’t feel there is any confusion between Fortress Fallout and the Fallout video game franchise.” Bethesda and Zenimax did not immediately respond to a request for comment.
We’d wager the average consumer would have little to no chance of confusing Fortress Fallout with Bethesda’s popular post-apocalyptic RPG series, as Xreal’s game is a free-to-play mobile title with 2D, tile-based graphics and multiplayer-focused strategy gameplay. Still, Xreal is now looking to rename the game, preferably to something that includes the word “Dungeon,” according to Maron.
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