[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yvrQBRHAc38?start=0&wmode=transparent&w=640&h=450]On Sunday, LG confirmed that it had been indicted in South Korea after its Home Appliance Division President Jo Seong-jin allegedly damaged the doors of several Samsung washing machines in the days leading up to a trade show in Germany. On Monday, LG took the news to the general public, releasing edited CCTV footage that it says shows that Jo did not intentionally damage the doors.
The indictment comes with charges of vandalizing Samsung’s new “Crystal Blue” front-loading washing machines, as well as charges of defamation and obstruction of business. LG has called the claims “excessive” and has filed a countersuit.
The drama has unfolded over a number of months, starting in September when Jo and a number of his LG colleagues attended the IFA Electronics Show in Berlin. The executives allegedly went to two retail stores in Berlin before the trade show began and inspected—or vandalized, if you’re Samsung—Samsung’s $2,700 washing machines. Samsung alleged that after the LG executives’ handling, four of the doors of the front-loading washing machines no longer worked.
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