Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) lawyer Daniel Nazer’s Sisyphean task is right in his job title: he’s the Mark Cuban Chair to Eliminate Stupid Patents.
So when Nazer says he’s seen one of the all-time dumbest patents, that’s saying a lot. Yesterday, Nazer and his fellow EFF lawyer Vera Ranieri filed court papers seeking to invalidate a patent on photo competitions. US Patent No. 8,209,618, owned by a little-known video website called Garfum.com, was used to sue four small photo websites last September that dared to ask people about their favorite photos.
One of those four defendants, Ruth Taylor, runs weekly photo competitions on BytePhoto.com. Out of money but determined to not give in to an outrageous patent demand, Taylor is now the EFF’s newest client—the first patent defendant to be directly represented by the public interest group.
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