Jan Rankowski, posing here as the character Jace Conners. He has now admitted that everything about that GamerGate-loving character—including the injury-related premise of this photo—was a “joke.” Deagle Nation

On Tuesday, a Twitter and YouTube user who had spent months posting disturbing content under the alias “Jace Conners” revealed his true identity, but not to apologize for the nasty, GamerGate-related stuff he’d sent to game makers such as Brianna Wu. Rather, 20-year-old Maine resident Jan Rankowski came clean with a statement that would make Alanis Morissette’s head spin: his videos had been a “joke” all along, and now he’s the one suffering a wave of anonymous Internet harassment.
Rankowski confirmed his identity to Buzzfeed in a lengthy interview, in which he alleged that he’s been subjected to the types of messages and nuisances common to recent online doxings. According to Rankowski, that activity has included “nasty things” being said in phone calls to his old high school and his current place of work, along with “a letter in the mail with a picture of me from my high school yearbook… It said I shouldn’t have fucked with 8chan.”
He claimed that the harassment began after he posted his weirdest GamerGate-related video to date, in which Rankowski kicked and shouted—complete with racist epithets—at a Prius that had flipped over on a road. The video concluded with a text-loaded slideshow that alleged that game maker Brianna Wu, a frequent target of recent anonymous harassment, was somehow responsible for the car flipping over—and that she had done so to prevent Rankowski from driving to her house “to expose her as a corrupt gamer.” The video went on to announce the beginning of an effort known as “Wu-pocalypse” to “discredit the [social justice warrior] people online.”
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