If you’re an IT manager or admin at any level, and you’re unconcerned about the threat of malicious attacks on your enterprise’s security system, then you are in a distinct minority. Reliable data and application protection is constantly at or near the top of every CIO’s, CTO’s, data center manager’s and IT administrator’s priority list the world over. Only two weeks ago, at a White House-sponsored cyber-security summit at Stanford University, President Obama said that cyber-security-related terrorist threats to governments and companies have increased fivefold since 2009—specifically mentioning the highly publicized Sony Pictures hack of last fall. He also noted that more than 100 million businesses and individuals were hit by online-related fraud or theft in 2014 alone. “No company has ever said they worked too hard to protect their systems and customers,” Obama said. With this in mind, eWEEK has collected best-practice advice from several IT security thought leaders and presented them here in slide show form.

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