Recent hacks show that attackers’ methods have not drastically changed, yet they seem to be getting more aggressive in how they’re using data. In the last 10 years, the methodology and penetration remain relatively the same, but the sophistication has escalated and the implications are troubling. Following the recent attack against Sony Entertainment , the company changed how it does business. Hacking and blackmailing can affect multiple kinds of institutions. Hackers can impact much more than a movie release: Think about stock markets, elections and more. Hackers can shift the viewpoints, policy and even ethics of corporations or public figures. While many consumers worry about financial information being stolen, there are many other avenues where hackers can obtain and leverage private data. We’ve learned in the last year that cyber-criminals have become increasingly organized and pose a greater threat to businesses. But what are hackers doing with victims’ data in 2015? The following slide show, based on eWEEK reporting and input from Tim Gallagher, senior security analysis team engineer at managed network security service provider Nuspire Networks, aims to answer this question.

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