In the second day of a high-profile gender discrimination trial against a top Silicon Valley venture capitalist firm, two former colleagues of plaintiff Ellen Pao were called to the stand.
Pao’s former coworkers, Chi-Hua Chien and Amol Deshpande, both worked as junior partners at Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byers while Pao was there. They both received promotions, while she did not.
Chien was singled out in Pao’s lawsuit for having excluded Pao from a number of all-male events. According to the 2012 complaint, Chien organized a party at Al Gore’s San Francisco condo, which was located in the same building where Pao lived, and didn’t invite Pao. Pao says that on the night of the party, she ran into Mike McCue, the CEO of news-app Flipboard, with whom Pao had worked closely, as he walked into the building, causing her to have to tell him that she wasn’t invited to the party he was attending.
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