The Federal Communications Commission chairman is expecting lawsuits challenging the FCC’s net neutrality order, but is confident that this time the rules will survive.
Verizon sued to block rules issued in 2010, and won when a federal appeals court said in January 2014 that the FCC erred by imposing per se common carrier regulations on broadband providers, which the FCC had never classified as common carriers. The latest net neutrality order, passed yesterday, fixes that, Wheeler said in a press conference after the vote.
“The DC Circuit sent the previous Open Internet Order back to us and basically said, ‘hey, you’re trying to impose common carrier-like regulation without stepping up and saying, ‘these are common carriers,'” Wheeler said yesterday. “We have addressed that issue, that is the underlying issue, that is the sine qua non of the all the debates we’ve had so far. That gives me great confidence going forward.”
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