Secure Sockets Layer encryption has helped secure network traffic from interception and data theft for more than 20 years. However, SSL has a dark side, one where hackers and cyber-criminals can hide a wide range of viruses, malware and other dangerous payloads from discovery by security appliances. WatchGuard aims to eliminate those problems with the M500, a powerful security appliance that can delve into encrypted traffic looking for hidden payloads. The M500 incorporates WatchGuard’s latest operating system and is powered by Intel processors to deliver the performance needed to decrypt and encrypt traffic on the fly. The device also comes with thousands of predefined applications that allow administrators to define policies on how a user can interact with a particular application to boost the security of traffic related to that application. Designed to be deployed at the edge of the network, the M500 also can be integrated with a central management system, making it an excellent addition to branch offices and distributed networks alike. This slide show looks at the various features in the M500 appliance that can help keep malware threats at bay.

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