On Sunday, former Boston Red Sox pitcher and game studio founder Curt Schilling enacted some online vigilante justice against Twitter users who had posted violent and sexual comments about his daughter—by doxing them.
Schilling’s blog post was a follow-up to his tweet a week earlier about his daughter Gabby Schilling, whom he congratulated for just signing a letter of intent to play college softball at Salve Regina University. Acknowledging that he expected to receive chiding remarks about her on Twitter—particularly from Red Sox fans and detractors alike—he nevertheless expressed astonishment at the crude, graphic replies from two Twitter users in particular. Those users, @Nagels_Bagels and @primetime227, have since had their accounts deleted, but not before Schilling could take screencaps that captured their threats of using baseball bats as sexual devices, among other comments.
The former Red Sox hurler took it a step further, using publicly available information to attach identities to these two users. One was a DJ at a community college radio station and the other was the vice president of a fraternity. “Worse yet, no less than seven of the clowns who sent vile or worse tweets are athletes playing college sports,” Schilling added. “I knew every name and school, sport and position, of every one of them in less than an hour. The ones that didn’t play sports were just as easy to locate.”
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