SAN FRANCISCO—“There have been a lot of female partners, junior and senior,” John Doerr, one of the more well-known venture capitalist partners at Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, told the jury in a high-profile gender discrimination trial on Tuesday.
Doerr, who joined Kleiner Perkins in 1980, made a name for himself investing in companies like Google, Amazon, Intuit, and Electronic Arts as well as Twitter, Square, Zynga, and MyFitnessPal, before they hit the big time. He also personally hired Ellen Pao, and supported her throughout her time at Kleiner Perkins.
Pao has alleged that Kleiner Perkins failed to promote her based on her gender, ignored her complaints about harassment from some of the other partners, and fired her in retribution after she filed her lawsuit against the firm. But Doerr today defended his firm’s actions today in court.
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