An updated virtio-win package that fixes several bugs and adds variousenhancements is now available for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.

The virtio-win package provides paravirtualized network drivers for mostMicrosoft Windows operating systems. Paravirtualized drivers arevirtualization-aware drivers used by fully virtualized guests running on Red HatEnterprise Linux. Fully virtualized guests using the paravirtualized driversgain significantly better I/O performance than fully virtualized guests runningwithout the drivers. The virtio-win package has been upgraded to upstream version 1.7.3, whichprovides a number of bug fixes and enhancements over the previous version.(BZ#1178458)This update also fixes the following bugs:* An error in the underlying code previously caused the mouse pointer to becomedeactivated during the installation of the virtio-serial driver on Windows XPand Windows Server 2003 systems. This update includes a more recent version ofthe virtio-serial driver, which fixes this problem. (BZ#1048996)* Previously, the Windows Server 2008 virtio-rng drivers were not supported onRed Hat Enterprise Linux systems because the “Verify WDF Coinstaller Version forKMDF” job failed on Windows Server 2008 guests. This update fixes the problemwith the mentioned job, and Windows Server 2008 virtio-rng drivers are now fullysupported. (BZ#1080251)* The “Manufacturer” strings in the driver properties information for thevirtio-win drivers have been corrected to be uniform and up-to-date. Inaddition, the name of the WDF Coinstaller .dll file has been made moreconsistent. (BZ#1090832, BZ#1139509)In addition, this update adds the following enhancements:* The “guest-set-time” command has been added to virtio-win, which allows usersto synchronize the system time of a guest after it was suspended and thenresumed. (BZ#1157918)* In order to support Windows Server 2012 and Windows Driver Kit 8.1, virtio-windrivers are now built with Microsoft Visual Studio 2013. (BZ#1051886)Users of virtio-win are advised to upgrade to this updated package, which fixesthese bugs and adds these enhancements.
Before applying this update, make sure all previously released erratarelevant to your system have been applied.For details on how to apply this update, refer to:
1048996 – As the tools-ISO gets installed on the Windows guests, you lose the mouse until restarting the VM1051886 – Compile drivers with Visual Studio 20131066808 – [virtio-win][balloon]guest-stats still can be seen after disable or uninstall blnsrv service1066845 – Balloon stats do not work after s41067290 – [virtio-win][balloon]value guest memeory stats does not update after S31078089 – [hv_time][[WHQL]Started with DF jobs failed because WIN7-32 and Win7-64 guest hang if guests rebooting during test stage1080251 – [whql][virtio-rng]job “Verify WDF Coinstaller Version for KMDF” failed on win2k8 guest1080319 – [balloon]win8.1-32 could use 3G memory in one guest but stat-total-memory only shows 2G1081436 – [virtio-rng]BSOD occurs on win8-32bit guest during boot again without virtio-rng device1090832 – [prewhql][virtio-win][virtio-rng]should use uniformed name for WDFCoinstallerXXX.dll1113910 – [virtio-win][balloon][RHEL6]Guest BSOD when running hotplug/unplug in a loop with verifier enabled1116573 – RNG drivers should use OS supplied version of KMDF1130853 – [whql][balloon][rhel6]guest bsod with 7e code when running DF – PNP* jobs1139509 – should use Uniformed string in Manufacturer fields on all drivers1167231 – [virtio-win][balloon]BSOD occurs when reboot guest after enlarging memory during runtime1178458 – Respin RHEL7.1 virtio-win package based on virtio-win-1.7.2-2.el6895834 – [whql][netkvm]Add “netkvm.DVL.XML” file in the prewhql build

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