Updated virt-viewer packages that fix several bugs and add various enhancementsare now available for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.

The virt-viewer packages provide Virtual Machine Viewer, which is a lightweightinterface for interacting with the graphical display of a virtualized guest.The virt-viewer packages have been upgraded to upstream version 0.6.0, whichprovides a number of bug fixes and enhancements over the previous version,including significant improvements to multi-monitor support. (BZ#1109400)Bugs: * Starting an application in full screen mode and then leaving full screencaused that the displayed window was too small. This bug has been fixed, and thewindow size is now reasonable after leaving full screen. (BZ#921332) * When connecting to a password-protected Virtual Network Computing (VNC) guestand a incorrect password was entered, the user was notified of the error, butwas not presented with another password prompt to try again. With this fix, thepassword prompt is displayed again in the described situation. (BZ#1007306) * The “Automatically resize” check menu was ambiguous and not always workingdepending on protocol and capability of a guest. This update removes the”Automatically resize” menu, and the automatic guest resize is now enabledwhenever the required conditions are met. (BZ#1007666) * Zooming in and out on a window in virt-viewer or remote-viewer could cause theguest display to be resized rather than simply scaling the local display. Withthis fix, the guest display is never resized in response to zooming in or out inthe client. (BZ#1022404)* Previously, connecting to a server with the “–fullscreen=auto-conf” option,leaving full screen and then opening another display led to the second displayopening in full screen or incorrect resolution adjustment of the guest. Withthis update, the new display opens in window mode after leaving full screen asexpected, and leaving and re-entering full screen mode now works as expected.(BZ#1022426, BZ#1096718) * Previously, when resizing a monitor, stale position information was used toalign the monitors. Consequently, a display could unexpectedly change itsposition. To fix this bug, the current position of displays is always used todetermine alignment, and displays no longer relocate unexpectedly when a windowis resized. (BZ#1023253) * Due to failures not handled properly, the window showed the failed URL as thewindow title on a second attempt of a connection failure. With this update, thedisplay window is closed upon connection failure and the title reset on eachretry. (BZ#1024312) * When the server got disconnected, the nc utility did not end, leaving theclient open. Consequently, the client did not disconnect when tunnelled over SSHon VM shutdown. This update replaces nc with socat, thus fixing the bug.(BZ#1030487) * When the agent terminated unexpectedly or was disconnected and reconnectedagain, virt-viewer did not update the information about windows geometry and theguest resolution was not changed accordingly. With this update, the functionresponsible for updating the displays geometry is called, thus fixing the bug.(BZ#1032971) Enhancements:* With this update, when a connection failure occurs, a detailed reason in theerror dialog is provided instead of a generic message. In addition, a moreaccurate message is shown when an authentication error occurs using TCPconnection. The user can also cancel the dialog without any random message beingdisplayed. (BZ#1115986, BZ#1142742) * The user is now allowed to customize the placement of VM windows in fullscreen mode and multi-monitor setups. (BZ#1129477) * The CONTROLLER_AUTO_DISPLAY_RES flag is no longer set automatically when usingthe Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Manager portal. The client is opened infull screen mode only when the flag is set. (BZ#1149352)Users of virt-viewer are advised to upgrade to these updated packages, which fixthese bugs and add these enhancements.
Before applying this update, make sure all previously released erratarelevant to your system have been applied.For details on how to apply this update, refer to:https://access.redhat.com/articles/11258
1007306 – No box pop out when input a wrong password and retry connection for vnc guest1007666 – Menu item “Automatically resize” could be disabled if there is no spice vdagent connection1020669 – Enter in ‘Do you want to close the session?’ dialog should be equal to hitting ‘OK’ button1021350 – Remote-Viewer: Remove Unnecessary Warning Log1022404 – Remote-Viewer: Zoom Out Behavior Is Not Consistent1022426 – [remote-viewer] New display opens in fullscreen1023253 – Moving a windows application window is not seamless to or from a display that full-screen.1024204 – remote-viewer gui tool cannot recognize URI address with space character1024312 – The viewer window still open if remote-viewer gui tool cannot connect the guest1030487 – spice-server doesn’t disconnect client tunnelled over ssh on VM shutdown1032939 – Display 1 always pop out when using virt-viewer to relaunch guest1032967 – option -f will not launch all the display as fullscreen1032971 – Can not keep right resolution after change back to graphics mode and send-key ctrl+alt+backspace1061826 – RFE: use username:pass in ovirt:// uris (such as ovirt://user:pass@rhev.example.org/)1063239 – remote-viewer not invoked from “xdg-open console.vv” command1079211 – virt-viewer –direct fails to connect to remote guest configured with listen=”″1096718 – The resolution of guest shows incorrect after switch to full-screen again with option –full-screen=auto-conf1096721 – Unnecessary warning messages show when shutdown vnc guest during virt-viewer $guest –wait1107519 – Unnecessary warning info show when using virt-viewer -k to launch a spice guest1108524 – virt-viewer -c qemu+tcp will open local guest when remote VM is only listening on – Rebase virt-viewer to 0.6.01115986 – RFE: provide connection failure reason in the error dialog1127762 – “remote-viewer file.vv” tries to load $HOME/.spicec/truststore.pem file1129477 – Add ability for user to configure which guest monitors are used in fullscreen mode1142742 – Improve error message if input wrong username or password for a tcp connection1142769 – Update virt-viewer man page for oVirt connection support and fullscreen monitor mapping1145126 – Allow to remove CD images through ovirt foreign menu1146997 – After switching from full-screen using Shift-F11, arbitrary resolution doesn’t work1149352 – always fullscreen for SPICE-xpi1152467 – virt-viewer will open guest with a small window size1152468 – virt-viewer always disable send key menu1152815 – virt-viewer crash when connect a guest with vnc graphics and qxl video1159731 – virt-viewer crashed when connect a guest with vnc graphics and wrong password input1168495 – Improve the error info when pass guest doesn’t exist on rhev to remote-viewer921332 – Size of remote-viewer window is too small after switching off full-screen921341 – Need to update virt-viewer man page921406 – Should use a USB icon instead of a generic settings icon923072 – Remove RHEL-only support for RHEVM ‘Pass Ctrl+Alt+Delete to virtual machine’970825 – remote-viewer should add introduction for new added functions into man page and help info.989407 – ctrl-[+-0] zoom in/out/native keyboard shortcuts don’t work in fullscreen (with mouse over the control bar)999291 – Improve documentation of –attach command line option

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