Updated OpenStack Dashboard packages that resolve various issues arenow available for Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform 6.0 (Juno)for RHEL 7.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform provides the facilitiesfor building a private or public infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS)cloud running on commonly available physical hardware. This advisoryincludes packages for:* OpenStack DashboardOpenStack Dashboard (horizon) provides administrators and users agraphical interface to access, provision, and automate cloud-basedresources. The dashboard allows cloud administrators to get an overallview of the size and state of the cloud, and it provides end-users aself-service portal to provision their own resources within the limitsset by administrators.Changes to the python-django-horizon component:* Rebase package(s) to version: 2014.2.2Highlights and important bug fixes: -Project limits do not update when using the input selector to change instancecount-While the HA property is update-able, and resulting router-get invocationssuggest that the router is HA, the migration itself fails on the agent. This isdeceiving and confusing and should be blocked until the migration itself isfixed in a future patch.-Project Limits don’t refresh while selecting flavor-Private flavor updates with horizon cause access issue with existing instances-Horizon crashed when parsing volume lists including a volume without a name(BZ#1188394)* In the Router Network Profiles panel (available only when using the Cisco N1KNeutron plug-in), many of the Network Profile fields could not be updated butthey were still shown in the update form. Thereby, the update form wasmisleading, letting the user modify fields when the changes couldn’t be saved.The code has been fixed to mark the fields that cannot be changed as “read-only”in the form. Thus, when updating a network, only the fields that can be updatedare editable and the issue is now resolved. (BZ#1127070)* In some cases, such as environments where the Identity service was backed byLDAP with specific policies, there were previous restrictions as to howend-users could change their password. This meant that end users were unable tochange their password through the dashboard and would receive an error messagewhen trying to do so. A policy check for “identity:check_password” has been added to the ‘Changepassword’ panel, so that when “identity:change_password” is set to a morerestrictive policy in /etc/openstack-dashboard/keystone_policy.json, the ‘Changepassword’ panel is no longer displayed. This change has now resolved the issue.(BZ#1078956)Changes to the python-django-openstack-auth component:* One needed to log in twice after a keystone token timed out. The code has beenupdated, and the issue is now fixed. (BZ#1174748)
Red Hat OpenStack 6.0 for RHEL 7

    MD5: b1d4a6770c6e85ef4a51e6a2dfbae443SHA-256: d8f6d65ffb996e8a7d1be5046a30cc5a2f7e7d4677dcaa6c9d8cea1872459cb6
    MD5: 17996a756d7fd64a6d00d6a7b4b976d5SHA-256: 45dd781b9a59e8531f6f3e814a99c0195954dcf94f0c2c70714f05f2ff3526d1
    MD5: 03f51363ada76ca93628f6a7270437c3SHA-256: 8843615bf544ba59d1bf28391bef5dacbb2284b84028ee2bf5dea9df665464fc
    MD5: 0d6028598c82fb80f78319741ebfbe97SHA-256: 64a06d40f5a84aad7b781f25db1d07b3a9b57ce847ce5b81a3c5b3010a112c48
    MD5: 870a1f4cb0630bcbd9bee84dc6146dc1SHA-256: 0884762cc2d065d0523beeefc155a6caca304d10bca4237caa6dc8921b0face1
    MD5: f620f1247e13dca4f444ce12424d6791SHA-256: 320ae0d1b308035558e69544ee7c858ec28c9d750c5f894398f0e9749bc19075
    MD5: 4cc98d9e0bcc8b9b170f2a97520a40a8SHA-256: e36dfe329d2bc97f19c69c44584982a6df34acceeee5425ef0288908d55857af
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1078956 – Horizon change password fails when Keystone uses LDAP.1174748 – when keystone token times out, one needs to login twice1188394 – Rebase python-django-horizon to 2014.2.2

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