A Mississippi sheriff’s deputy was fired from his job in Jackson County after a YouTube video allegedly captured him yelling racist slurs and violently threatening other players in an online video game. Friday’s firing of deputy Michael Slater was confirmed by Jackson news outlet The Clarion-Ledger, who learned of the deputy’s threats by way of a Free Thought Project report.
In the video, a Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare player who identified himself only as “David” received an angry private voice message from someone he’d encountered in a prior game (“you talk a lot of shit to suck as bad as you do, you’re fuckin’ terrible”), all while recording their play to make a “trolling” video for YouTube. David invited this angry player to a private voice chat session, at which point the conversation escalated quickly on both sides.
“In real life, you wouldn’t wanna see me with a fuckin’ gun,” David was overheard saying to the person who eventually identified himself as a Jackson County sheriff’s deputy. David was then heard shouting a stream of threats and asking for Slater’s address, to which Slater actually obliged. (When asked for his own address, David responded, in true trolling fashion, “one-two-zero, four-five, D… eez nuts.”)
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