Zylpha (www.zylpha.com), the UK’s leading legal systems innovator, has signed a partnership agreement with international eDisclosure group LDM Global (www.ldmglobal.com). The resultant fusion of eDisclosure services and court bundling solutions will provide legal practices with an innovative end-to-end solution when preparing documentation for court.Zylpha, which has received widespread acclaim for its electronic document bundling systems, will recommend LDM Global’s services for practices seeking eDisclosure services whether it is in collecting documents, data processing, document review or production services. Within minutes Zylpha can then convert these documents into high quality electronic bundles ready for use in even the most complex cases.Zylpha’s CEO Tim Long believes that LDM Global’s exceptional reputation was a major factor behind the partnership. Commenting, he noted that the combined offering will be especially well received by practices preparing complex cases for court. He added, “Innovation is a major talking point with practices at the moment and one of the key areas where this can deliver benefits is in the processing and then bundling of documents and email correspondence. It made sense then for us to join forces with a best of breed eDisclosure services company. After reviewing the market extensively, we chose to partner with LDM Global as they impressed us greatly with their strong reputation and history of providing exceptional eDisclosure services. “With this partnership in place, legal practices can now remove all the headaches associated with the preparation of documents for court. Quite simply if a court appearance is imminent and you need to collect and process data during discovery, then LDM Global’s service is for you. From this stage, it is only a matter of minutes for Zylpha to prepare class leading court bundles from these files. It is therefore a truly end-to-end service between LDM Global and Zylpha.”LDM Global’s Founder and CEO Chris O’Reilly said he is excited about the partnership. “Zylpha leads the field in the production of electronic document bundles. LDM Global supports this process seamlessly by supplying even the most complex documents and email correspondence in electronic form.”This partnership is therefore a natural fusion of the two stages of the process and delivers real benefits to law firms. Through this partnership, we can now save time for clients, and ultimately offer cost savings when bundling our services. We can help lawyers manage the workflow of data electronically all the way from data mapping and collection through to court.”EndsAbout LDM Global www.ldmglobal.com LDM Global specialises in eDiscovery/eDisclosure projects worldwide. Legal firms, corporations, and government agencies benefit from its in-depth industry expertise and innovative end-to-end strategies. LDM Global has three data centers, one each in London, Sydney and Denver.About Zylpha www.zylpha.com Headquartered in Southampton Zylpha is an innovative specialist offering tools for the legal profession including:Secure electronic document production and delivery. Court Bundling.Integration with the MOJ Portal.Links to agencies for AML and Identity Verification.Outsource Support & Development ServicesThe company, which was founded by its CEO Tim Long, has won widespread acclaim in both the legal and local government sectors for its systems which transform secure communications for court and case management bundles.For more information please contact: Tim LongZylpha Ltd.T: 01962 658881M: 07917 301496t.long@zylpha.com www.zylpha.com OrLeigh RichardsThe Right ImageT: 0844 / 561 7586M: 07758 372527leigh.richards@therightimage.co.uk www.therightimage.co.uk Source: RealWire

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