DirecTV used deceptive advertising to get consumers to agree to price increases of up to $45 per month and early cancellation fees of up to $480, the Federal Trade Commission alleged in a US District Court complaint today.
“The Federal Trade Commission has charged DirecTV, the country’s largest provider of satellite television services, with deceptively advertising a discounted 12-month programming package because it fails to clearly disclose that the package requires a two-year contract,” the FTC said in an announcement. “In addition, DirecTV does not clearly disclose that the cost of the package will increase by up to $45 more per month in the second year, and that early cancellation fees of up to $480 apply if consumers cancel the package before the end of the two-year period.”
The FTC is seeking a monetary judgment to provide refunds to consumers and a court order permanently barring DirecTV from engaging in the behavior, which allegedly violates the FTC Act by making deceptive claims and omitting important facts in advertisements and on its website. The FTC specifically alleges that:
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