SAN FRANCISCO—”I had gone through every possible internal process that I thought I could go through,” former Kleiner Perkins junior partner Ellen Pao told the jury in her second day of testimony on Tuesday. Pao sued her former employer in 2012 for gender discrimination, and after three years Pao is finally offering additional details about how she experienced her final years at Kleiner Perkins, a top-rated Silicon Valley venture capital firm.
Yesterday Pao, who is currently the interim CEO of reddit, described how she started at Kleiner, and then detailed how she initially suffered harassment from her coworker Ajit Nazre and later was not offered a board seat with a company she worked to build. On Tuesday, the testimony covered the fallout from Pao’s complaints about these situations.
In 2011, after hearing of some complaints from another female coworker, Trae Vassallo, about Nazre’s behavior, Kleiner Perkins decided to hire an investigator. Pao testified yesterday that she was hesitant to work with the investigator that the firm had hired, Steven Hirschfeld, because she saw on his website that he did management-side investigations, and she thought he would be biased against employees. Today, Pao expanded on that thought, confirming that she wrote a letter explaining her reservations about talking to Hirschfeld and about his investigation.
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