SAN FRANCISCO—Kleiner Perkins lawyer Lynne Hermle began her cross-examination of reddit interim CEO and former Kleiner Perkins junior partner Ellen Pao today in a high-profile gender discrimination case that Pao filed against the Silicon Valley venture capital firm in 2012. Pao has maintained that Kleiner Perkins failed to take action when a colleague of hers began harassing her and failed to promote her, while promoting less-qualified men.
Hermle’s goal today was to poke holes in Pao’s claims. Armed with a deposition that Pao had given prior to the trial, Hermle asked Pao about specific claims she had made and then played video clips from Pao’s deposition where she offered contrary answers.
The most notable occurred at the outset of the cross-examination when Hermle asked if Pao had, when she applied for the job at Kleiner Perkins, intended to move into an operating role after her experience there. Pao asserted in her testimony two days earlier that she had intended to become an investor from the outset, and that her plans were dashed by discrimination from Kleiner.
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