SAN FRANCISCO—On Friday, 15 members of a jury (12 regular jurors and three alternates) were given a rare opportunity that had all reporters in the room seething with envy. They were given permission to write down their questions for Ellen Pao, the plaintiff who’s asking for $16 million from her former employer, the lauded venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins, holding that the firm discriminated against her because she is a woman.
Kleiner contends that Pao was confrontational and unsuited to be an investor, and that she never clearly articulated what actions she wanted Kleiner to take.
After two days of questioning by her lawyers and two days of cross examination, Pao today turned to Judge Harold Kahn as he read juror questions, and then turned to the jury as she answered them. (Juror questions were vetted by the judge and the lawyers before they were asked, but Kahn said that only one question was omitted because its content dealt with information that was protected under attorney/client privilege.)
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