Broadband regulation opponents filled up reporters’ inboxes with angry reactions to the Federal Communications Commission’s new net neutrality rules yesterday, claiming that the commission is now “Big Brother,” that it pulled off “a legal coup d’état,” and that it’s enforcing “the most anti-speech” law in a century.
The net neutrality rules, enforced by a reclassification of broadband as a common carrier service, prevent Internet providers from blocking or throttling Internet content or from speeding up content in exchange for payment. But to hear opponents tell it, it’s actually a government takeover straight out of George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four.
For posterity’s sake, here’s a look at the angriest reactions lobbyists, advocacy groups and other FCC critics e-mailed me yesterday after the commission released the full text of its net neutrality rules. The same member of Congress who proposed an “Internet Freedom Act” that would wipe out net neutrality rules gets us started by comparing the new regulations to Big Brother:
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