Updated Red Hat Enterprise MRG Realtime packages that add one enhancement arenow available for Red Hat Enterprise MRG 2.5.

Red Hat Enterprise MRG (Messaging, Realtime, and Grid) is a next-generation ITinfrastructure for enterprise computing. MRG offers increased performance,reliability, interoperability, and faster computing for enterprise customers. MRG Realtime provides the highest levels of predictability for consistentlow-latency response times to meet the needs of time-sensitive workloads. MRGRealtime provides new levels of determinism by optimizing lengthy kernel codepaths to ensure that they do not become bottlenecks. This allows for betterprioritization of applications, resulting in consistent, predictable responsetimes for high-priority applications. This update adds the followingenhancements: * The contents of the rt-firmware package was updated to provide currentfirmware files from the latest linux-firmware tree in the kernel.org project andfrom Red Hat Enterprise Linux. (BZ#1184251)* The rt-tests package includes a set of programs that test and measure variouscomponents of real-time kernel behavior. This package measures timer, signal,and hardware latency and tests the functioning of priority-inheritance mutexes.With this update, a new upstream package with several enhancements is available,including an updated cyclictest program that has a ‘tracemark’ feature for usewith ftrace tracing. (BZ#1186427)Users of the real-time capabilities of Red Hat Enterprise MRG 2.5, which islayered on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6, are advised to upgrade to these updatedpackages which add this enhancement.
Before applying this update, make sure all previously released errata relevantto your system have been applied.This update is available via the Red Hat Network. Details on how to use the RedHat Network to apply this update are available athttps://access.redhat.com/knowledge/articles/11258
1186427 – rt-tests: update rt-tests package to latest for cyclictest updates

These packages are GPG signed by Red Hat for security. Our key and
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