A former Facebook technology partner, Chia Hong, is suing Facebook and a number of unnamed employees for gender and race discrimination. The case was filed this week in San Mateo County Superior Court (PDF), and it echoes a high-profile gender discrimination case currently underway in San Francisco. In that case, former Kleiner Perkins employee Ellen Pao is suing the venture capital firm for gender discrimination and retaliation.
Hong is not just following in Pao’s path; she has also hired lawyers from the same law firm—Lawless and Lawless—to represent her. (Yes, that is the real name of the firm.)
Therese Lawless, who has led much of the examination of witnesses during Pao’s case over the last few weeks, is an employment lawyer who has been practicing since the ’80s. Her sister and firm partner, Barbara, is also listed as representing Hong.
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