HBO, Showtime, and Sony reportedly want special treatment from Internet service providers to avoid congestion and data caps for their online streaming services.
The Wall Street Journal, citing anonymous sources, reported today that the companies want their online TV offerings to be treated as “managed” services.”[I]instead of putting their Web traffic on the public Internet’s main thoroughfare, they want to be in a separate lane that would ensure their content gets special treatment,” the Journal wrote. “In effect, that would move them away from the congestion of the Internet, which they fear will only get worse as more people opt to stream movies and TV shows on the Web. The other benefit: a separate lane would be exempt from monthly data-usage thresholds operators enforce for public Internet traffic, saving customers from the surcharges that can kick in if they binge on too many episodes of ‘Game of Thrones’ or ‘Homeland.'”
The Journal suggested that broadband providers could package online TV services with broadband plans and receive a cut of the online video providers’ subscription revenue.
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