In May 2014, Life360 CEO Chris Hulls received an aggressive patent demand letter. The letter, from lawyers representing a company called Advanced Ground Information Systems (AGIS), told him he needed to pay for a “royalty-bearing license” to its four patents, or Life360 and its customers would have to “cease and desist” from infringement.
In other words: pay up, or shut down your company. The letter demanded a response within three days. Hulls wrote back:

Dear Piece of Shit,
We are currently in the process of retaining counsel and investigating this matter. As a result, we will not be able to meet your Friday deadline. After reviewing this matter with our counsel, we will provide a prompt response.
I will pray tonight that karma is real, and that you are its worthy recipient,

On that Friday, Life360 got sued. The lawyers attached Hulls’ “Dear Piece of Shit” letter as an exhibit.
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