Friday 20th March 2015 – Last week’s Cloud Expo Europe event which was co-hosted with the Cloud Security Alliance, provided Attix5, an expert developer of world class data protection software, the perfect opportunity to launch their brand new Pro V8 Peregrine software to thousands of eager attendees. V8 Peregrine has been proven to be the fastest backup client available on the market and is set to change Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (DR) plans as we know it.The Expo, which attracted over 15,000 visitors this year, placed a heavy focus on cloud security. Attix5 had a constant buzz of excited attendees, press and fellow exhibitors eager to be among the first to view the Pro V8 Peregrine in action. Keen to demonstrate their speedy new software, which can backup millions files in minutes, Attix5 CEO Michael Law told us, “You need fast backups for reduced Recovery Point Objective (RPO) and almost instant recovery for low Recovery Time Objective (RTO). V8 will have these components plus the flexibility and security of an agile, hardware agnostic backup product.”Cyber-attacks are a concern for both small and larger organisations. Business continuity and disaster recovery options should be woven into internal IT policies, with secure communication, encrypted storage and regular backups being performed as business as usual. Michael continued, “Many organisations don’t consider implementing proper DR plans for reasons like high cost, additional resources and changes to infrastructure. Attix5 has addressed all the above hurdles with its patent pending LiveRestore technology. It gives any business the ability to recover lost data and servers in minutes from an onsite or cloud backup location.” Michael added this stark reminder; “Some businesses never recover from a disaster – especially those with either no or a poor DR plan. An effective DR plan will minimise business downtime.”Petrus Human, CTO at Attix5 who was delivering face to face demonstrations at Cloud Expo said, “I demonstrated how large SQL and Exchange databases as well as a Hyper-V server were restored almost instantly from the cloud, when an audience member called out “How did you do that?!”. I had to repeat the demonstration just to ease the man’s scepticism!” With V8 having a significantly reduced Recovery Point Objective (RPO) this results in faster, more frequent backups as well as data loss reduction technology which reduces risk even further. V8 uses the latest and fastest encryption technology, 256-bit AES GCM Encryption, which ensures data security with backups and guarantees effective restores.For further information please visit the Attix5 website or contact Kirsty.peasley@proactive-pr.comENDAbout Attix5Since being established in 1999 by a group of IT enthusiasts who tried to send large volumes of encrypted data down a very slow narrowband dial-up line, cloud and security have been part of its DNA. The company has grown from there to become a market leader, providing rock solid data protection and recovery solutions to SMEs and listed enterprises around the world. Its aim is to ensure data protection and recovery for stress-free business continuity. For media information please contact Kirsty Peasley on or call +44 1636 812152.Source: RealWire

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