Fresh off his patent win against a company called AGIS, Life360 CEO Chris Hulls has published an op-ed advising other companies on how to respond to similar patent threats.
His musings were published on TechCrunch in an article titled “I Beat a Patent Troll and You Can Too.” Hulls’ case got a fair bit of attention starting last year, when the lawsuit attached Hulls’ letter to the plaintiffs’ attorney as an exhibit. It was addressed “Dear Piece of Shit.”
The first of Hulls’ three suggestions is to “go nuclear,” by which he means, refuse to play by the rules. Trolls and their law firms “hate being called out,” he writes. “They expect that you’ll listen to your lawyers, stay quiet, and pay them to go away. We refused to let AGIS Inc. and its lawyers, Mark Hannemann and Thomas Makin of Kenyon and Kenyon LLP, hide in the background. Throughout our battle, we frequently publicized their role in this case with various influencers and media and it really got to them.”
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