Verizon CEO Lowell McAdam has told Congress that it needs to “retake responsibility for policymaking in the Internet ecosystem” because the Federal Communications Commission’s regulatory decisions have reached “absurd new levels.”
“[T]he existing legal regime and its accompanying regulatory processes are outdated and broken,” McAdam wrote in a letter Friday to leaders of the House and Senate Commerce committees and FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler (courtesy of The Hill). “Congress last established a clear policy framework almost 20 years ago, well before most of today’s technology was even developed. As a result, regulators are applying early 20th century tools to highly dynamic 21st century markets and technologies. Inefficiencies and collateral damage are inevitable. It is time for Congress to re-take responsibility for policymaking in the Internet ecosystem.”
Verizon is mad about the FCC’s decision to reclassify broadband as a common carrier service and impose network neutrality restrictions that prevent Internet providers from blocking or throttling Internet content or prioritizing content in exchange for payment. McAdam’s letter also objected to rules that let Dish use discounts intended for small businesses to save $3.3 billion in an auction for wireless spectrum licenses. McAdam said the FCC has repeatedly helped Dish boost its spectrum holdings even though the satellite provider hasn’t “announced any plans to use this spectrum to serve customers.”
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