Crazy Hairy Rob Lowe might need help shaving off those arm hair curtains, but he doesn’t need to upgrade from cable to DirecTV, advertising industry self-regulators have ruled.
Rob Lowe stars in a series of DirecTV ads that compare the standard, suave version of the actor with cable-subscribing alter egos that suffer from substantial personal problems. Super Creepy, Crazy Hairy, Painfully Awkward, and Scrawny Arms Rob Lowe all have cable; the not-creepy, mostly hairless, not-awkward, and strong arms Rob Lowe has DirecTV. Each ad ends with the better version of Rob Lowe saying, “Don’t be like this me. Get rid of cable and upgrade to DirecTV.”
Super Creepy Rob Lowe. Comcast didn’t like the ads and lodged a complaint with the advertising industry’s self-regulatory body. Comcast challenged DirecTV’s claims regarding signal reliability, picture quality, customer satisfaction, and sports programming, and took issue with Rob Lowe’s “Don’t be like this me” statement.
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