Following the official announcement of Lego Dimensions on Thursday morning, a random Internet surfer might have expected a trip to would lead to some additional official information on the game. Instead, for a brief period, the domain redirected users to coverage of the announcement on gaming news site Polygon. The hows and whys of this situation touch on some interesting issues of brand management, domain registration rules, online trademark law, and journalistic ethics.
The story started yesterday, when rumors started swirling that Lego and Warner Bros. were planning to enter the “toys to life” category with their own Skylanders-style game, called Lego Dimensions. In trying to track that rumor down, Polygon Deputy News Editor Michael McWhertor said he checked to see if various domain registrations or social media accounts hinted at the game’s actual existence.
“I saw that wasn’t registered, which kind of baffled me,” McWhertor told Ars Technica in an interview. “If that was really the name of the game, why hadn’t WB locked down that domain?”
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