The 23-year-old South Carolina man who used his phone to videotape a police officer fatally shooting a suspect in the back multiple times said Thursday that another officer who arrived on the scene ordered him to stop recording.

Feidin Santana YouTube

Feidin Santana, who was walking to work, said he stumbled upon a scuffle between the officer and suspect, and he began filming. The 3-minute-long footage was ultimately viewed by millions online and on television and paved the way for the arrest and firing of North Charleston Police Officer Michael Slager, who is accused of murdering 50-year-old Walter Scott.
“One of the officers told me to stop, but it was because I [said] to them that what they did it was an abuse and I witnessed everything,” Santana told CNN. He said the officer also instructed him to stay where he was, but Santana said he left the scene for work.
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