The US stepped up the enforcement of copyright law dramatically when authorities chose to press criminal copyright charges against Kim Dotcom in 2012, grabbing his servers and raiding his New Zealand house. Dotcom’s “cyberlocker” site Megaupload, which the US government accuses of massive piracy, went down instantly.
Then things slowed down dramatically, as New Zealand authorities weren’t quick to hand Dotcom over. An extradition trial, delayed many times, is currently scheduled for June.
Now it’s come to light that Kim Dotcom may get kicked out of New Zealand sooner than that, but it has nothing to do with copyright. The New Zealand Herald reports that the country’s Immigration Minister has launched an inquiry to decide whether to deport Dotcom because of an unreported driving violation, in which he pled guilty to driving 149 kilometers per hour in a 50 kilometer per hour zone. (That’s 93 mph in a 31 mph zone.)
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