Updated packages that resolve various issues are now available for Red HatEnterprise Linux OpenStack Platform 5.0 (Icehouse) for Red Hat EnterpriseLinux 7.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform provides the facilities forbuilding a private or public infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) cloudrunning on commonly available physical hardware.This update addresses the following issues:* Previously, when swift client added a ‘Content-Length’ header andrequests implicitly added a ‘content-length’ header, requests sends bothas separate headers. This caused Apache to reject the request with a400 error.With this release, python-requests package is now rebased to version 2.3.0.This version fixes the buggy implementation of case-insensitive mapping.As a result, Apache no longer rejects requests with a 400error. (BZ#1169530)* Previously, the log directory permissions for Sahara was set to 755,resulting in the Sahara service not conforming to the Red Hat log securitystandards.With this update, the directory permissions are modified to 750, thus,conforming to the Red Hat log security standards. (BZ#1163420)* Previously, SELinux prevented the nova scheduler from searchingdirectories labeled ‘cert_t’, resulting in SELinux causing Compute to fail.With this update, an ‘allow’ rule has been created to give the novascheduler permission to search the ‘cert_t’ directories. As a result,Compute service functions normally. (BZ#1149975)* Previously, the ‘nova list’ was inefficient and took very long tocomplete as the number of instances increased.With this update, ‘nova list’ command code has been optimized and usesserver-side filtering, resulting in faster response. (BZ#1147958)* If an existing haproxy process was already running before installing andrunning LBaaS (Load-Balancing-as-a-Service), attempting to start LBaaS willfail. This typically happens when upgrading to Red Hat Enterprise LinuxOpenStack Platform 5 with an existing LBaaS service.To work around this, you will have to kill the running haproxy process andrestart the LBaaS agent:# kill $(pgrep haproxy)# service neutron-lbaas-agent restart (BZ#1133920)* Previously, the rabbitmq-plugins command was not available in thedefault path. As a result, trying to run rabbitmq-plugins command wouldresult in a ‘Command Not Found’ error.With this update, the rabbitmq-plugins command is added to the defaultpath and it executes as expected. (BZ#1126680)* Previously, an improvement to the connection pool such that newconnections could be made concurrently made it so that the ‘init on firstconnect’ routine of a SQLAlchemy dialect would not have been completed ifconcurrent routines proceeded at the same time. As a result, when aSQLAlchemy engine was first used, operations which rely on the stateacquired during initial startup could fail, as this information would nothave been completed.To resolve this issue, with this update, ‘mutexing’ was added to the eventsystem which handles the initial dialect startup phase, so that connectionattempts are again serialized, but only when the engine first startup. (BZ#1121796)* Previously, SQLite database was created by a user who ran the databasemanagement script, resulting in Sahara being unable to read the defaultdatabase without changing ownership of the database.With this update, the file is not touched and the ownership is assigned toSahara (for only the default file location). As a result, Sahara now hasaccess to its database in the default flow. (BZ#1101516)* With this release, mariadb-galera is now rebased to version 5.5.41 fixingthe memory barrier problem in InnoDB/XtraDB mutex implementation causingthe server to stall or hang. (BZ#1168321)In addition to the above issue, this update also addresses bugs andenhancements which can be found in the Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStackPlatform Technical Notes:https://access.redhat.com/site/documentation/en-US/Red_Hat_Enterprise_Linux_OpenStack_Platform/5/html/Technical_Notes/index.html
Before applying this update, ensure all previously released errata relevantto your system have been applied.Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform 5 for RHEL 7 runs on Red HatEnterprise Linux 7.1.The Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform 5 for RHEL 7 Release Notes(see References section) contain the following:* An explanation of the way in which the provided components interact toform a working cloud computing environment.* Technology Previews, Recommended Practices, and Known Issues.* The channels required for Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform 5for RHEL 7, including which channels need to be enabled and disabled.For details on how to apply this update, refer to:https://access.redhat.com/articles/11258Red Hat OpenStack 5.0 for RHEL 7

    MD5: cf0d8923d4111cc3de0aaad8c44191a9SHA-256: 86158b917859594726c6ddc12f18972c3d4ae1e124f678f33e2bcf6cdf4c42e5
    MD5: d38e7a88972bbf38bc4e48c9efe96e8cSHA-256: d2e90aeb068eceef27c734dd1cb47124111cc8bc14a36d4fc635277dad25ddcf
    MD5: 242bb3c1fe971664fec6dd1d26bf0582SHA-256: 12a919d5c1a5a51cba95fbb466ee391dec22c4bb8277215e0b16bdf5b49e4232
    MD5: a9bc89c0d3b4b11f4538d30809e05471SHA-256: 24e7c6e66d274255d00a730c7d7f1b191e7051824c80265ffaddeaa8e67ff959
    MD5: 9e93d02ac84c180cbe4a18a7d77308b3SHA-256: bc519dfa9b0dc72e3ca8a8ab15fc78b903f41b394f951685577a3af7b5e01d4a
    MD5: 7ec4acb40359707df5da72c0efe5fdf6SHA-256: 4454a4c895e7188dbef649d644f7d515155d4e5d5fbac696af9db2fca4b9b98b
    MD5: 9b062ab1ddc529dd3bf151ce6d686331SHA-256: 19e9d5aa8fda86489afd39dbd7fc9bc289ec2c75957ef56da0c2d19bad651527
    MD5: fbaccf1976081b07f07d44c1369a23e6SHA-256: 7adcde5f54431efdbeab96f466872b3d6cea99b4c76c6607dffa23d6ca13e9cc
    MD5: 88d73890d6dbd1feacc8dd0b24ec0735SHA-256: 166ad29c8f84401afa6b8ca64cb08b147d3cd51e9997755c70426952932af790
    MD5: 7579dc2ec5b59bca0c615060e0fe7986SHA-256: bad233d76d3fc4e76b473de412be5fabca4d8e91bad5d3dea5d494e08a4cf864
    MD5: 84a4f00adb4911e4e4e2c9d0efeb7cb5SHA-256: c5600d8dbc71d6595dbe590a5eba2e072bc2bac9ed84638bc1ead4597d7b3e6d
    MD5: efd142b56f42554f6fc6dea64f69a1b0SHA-256: de16b9ac44063a8a9fbb88cf8c40ea9b04a0eec439e812d298a6d60aa5ce78a6
    MD5: 5e92b0b6ac20af722fd7d3be1d261316SHA-256: 303880b95d00372cb35d5f1bbbdb85c717ef4fd94d6c31eb3053aa8b735b4e51
    MD5: f597d824bd4b7284fcbedf9b0b292cc1SHA-256: 8ba8a356bc817b30d8710b94963f916aa02c5b758be8c3329f0fda48fc902671
    MD5: 253801e40479f07ec90996bf39d29981SHA-256: b26d5450df34c6ead2a2f2283c037489cca12f50c86d717246ca520222b45214
    MD5: 110dad66fe541a1aafe8cf2b61f58949SHA-256: 328cf1cb231dc68fe16700d93b7da1f9af6e80ac2f48f229915ceedf9cad2a20
    MD5: b67cf1948f6785af7644e086d2bf27d2SHA-256: 4b5983bfdbf54af133dd4e6c536e1d470571bfb112a250fa0f46b03a6987562f
    MD5: 1918ac31a3e9a0de7783d593a8bbb6f7SHA-256: e8f391fb0424f6916a8dcf127cccdad75d4a0fe08eb96c4b011049d061337b10
    MD5: 0c90491f2a99037b5f026dc81dd322e6SHA-256: 9b7ee363a0fa6c5a9a3f557088e9ff8af17ab1f469cffe6a2b781dfad81e6a8d
    MD5: 9b718a39075a4a0b441c733d88d07246SHA-256: 46311e62c113b72ebaf9dda80d6efc6a9b6006514bce349e7d7e6ece5cbb3a2b
    MD5: cf4e9ac56cb7bb57dabf4a4eb7ce0299SHA-256: e099f8cd0dc032b932fda5bd4bebafc7e7049410f05f88f1ec5a049cb78c1649
    MD5: abacd297b15e819000a9e94f6e4d8618SHA-256: bce763f8d888b652b5e8bde3647bfebf3a3f4c3c78f6f7bf1e27ee0a8ea8db53
    MD5: 47d5c5ae5b8396175612cc1a2cde2c94SHA-256: 7852e1915b954c2d1b4a43aff1335ca93bfbfdb8d693233e7930b992ac08a55b
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1101516 – SQLite database created with bad permission/ownership1121796 – potential race condition on dialect init in SQLAlchemy 0.8.41121798 – some mysql “commands out of sync” errors may not be interpreted correctly as a “database disconnect” situation, sqlalchemy 0.8.41126680 – rabbitmq-plugins is not in the default $PATH and need for detailed information for those plug-in setting.1133920 – ‘openstack-service restart neutron’ uses neutron cleanup scripts1139413 – RFE: nova service-delete doesn’t exist in 2.17.01149975 – openstack-nova-scheduler: SELinux is preventing /usr/bin/python2.7 from search access on the directory1163420 – Adjust log permissions to 0750 for openstack-sahara1168321 – hangs reported in mariadb / mariadb galera 5.5.401169530 – headers with different cases are not merged1199249 – headers with different cases are not merged

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